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Our software and hardware engineering methodologies are based on accumulated experience in multiple technologies and platforms, matching the best solution to our challenges.

Our services are accompanied with complete and strict R&D and project management methodologies – technical documents, version control, bug tracking, Gantt/Kanban and risk management.

Firmware dev & Hardware design

Custom hardware design solutions for your microprocessor controlled designs, from quick turn prototypes to full scale production

Kernel & Internals - Windows, Linux, Mobile

Complex kernel-level development, standalones & BSP, creation of any driver for virtually any OS/device combination

IoT - Internet Of Things

Connecting, monitoring and controlling machines and ‘things’ to… everything

Front-End web, mobile, desktop development

From beginning to end, expertise and innovative approaches to deliver – on time, on budget

Quality Assurance

Investigation, planning, Implementation of best-practice risk-based and business-driven test strategies

Cloud Development

Cloud application development, migration to cloud, consolidation & integration, cloud configuration

Back-End, enterprise

End-to-end R&D solutions, infrastructure and cloud strategy

Product Engineering

Requirement engineering, software prototyping, product architecture, UX, MVP, analytics

System Integration

Enterprise app integration, point-to-point, heterogeneous data integration, API, Enterprise Service Buses (ESB)

Service Types

From Tip To Toe

Our R&D methodology coupled with our ability to integrate ourselves into our clients’ DNA makes us Israel’s top service provider.
We can support or develop from scratch all or part of your R&D, thus gearing you with cutting-edge know-how whilst “Being there for you”.

Turn-Key Solutions

Despite the nature of turn-key projects, TandemG ensures that our partner is fully aware of every step of the development, hence providing full control over the project.

We commit to the most important factor: when we’re done it’s done!

R&D Extension

We can extend your R&D teams by skills, technology and numbers. Our uniqueness lies with our built-in management capacity making our teams equivalent to an organizational internal/organic team.


Where possible and relevant, our remote development operation can get into gear. Our partners enjoy an attractive cost structure while we maintain our top-notch technical project management and interface.


Expert advice? Crucial decision-making? Show-stopper bug? Our experts will support your decision making process – implementing methodologies, advanced research, practical samples and case-studies from the field; All to accelerate, improve and rationalize development dilemmas.

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Hamelacha 12 St.‎‏ Lod, Israel

Email: info@tandemg.com

Tel: 077-450-0294

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