We are TandemG, an end-to-end multi-disciplinary Software and  Hardware R&D center, delivering tailor-made solutions & state-of-the-art infrastructure to companies of all sizes, from startups to global corporations

We develop Hardware & Electronics

End-to-end product design, Value Engineering, Independent Hardware Validation, Obsolescence Management, Product Compliance and Certification, Reliability Engineering

We develop Embedded Software

Low-power micro-controllers to Embedded Linux/Android, chips, platforms and application integration

We develop Internals & Drivers

kernel & internals, device drivers, filter drivers, FS drivers, network drivers, HCK, through Desktop and up to the server/cloud

We develop Full-Stack & Applications

Full-stack, IoT apps, web, desktop, & mobile application development, open source, UI/UX design, enterprise solutions, product envisioning, road-mapping & support

Our Services

Our software and hardware engineering methodologies are based on accumulated experience in multiple technologies and platforms, matching the best solution to our challenges.
Our services are accompanied with complete and strict R&D and project management methodologies – technical documents, version control, bug tracking, Gantt/Kanban and risk management.

Firmware dev & Hardware design

Custom hardware design solutions for your microprocessor controlled designs, from quick turn prototypes to full scale production

Kernel & Internals - Windows, Linux, Mobile

Complex kernel-level development, standalones & BSP, creation of any driver for virtually any OS/device combination

IoT - Internet Of Things

Connecting, monitoring and controlling machines and ‘things’ to… everything

Front-End web, mobile, desktop development

From beginning to end, expertise and innovative approaches to deliver – on time, on budget

Quality Assurance

Investigation, planning, Implementation of best-practice risk-based and business-driven test strategies

Cloud Development

Cloud application development, migration to cloud, consolidation & integration, cloud configuration

Back-End, enterprise

End-to-end R&D solutions, infrastructure and cloud strategy

Product Engineering

Requirement engineering, software prototyping, product architecture, UX, MVP, analytics

System Integration

Enterprise app integration, point-to-point, heterogeneous data integration, API, Enterprise Service Buses (ESB)

Expertise & Industries

We strive to excel in the invention and development of the industry’s most advanced technologies. We ensure highest quality-perfection in whatever field we work and translate these technologies into value for our clients giving them professional and best-in-class services.
We deliver. When we’re done – it’s done!

IoT / M2M

Device, Gateway, Mobile and Cloud


Internals of wireless and wire protocols


Licensed OS development

Medical products

Hardware and Software aspects

Video & Image processing

Video streaming and analytics, AR & VR


Engineering, Product-line, Add-ons, Loggers, CI & DevOps

Green Technologies

Agriculture, eco-energy and more


Automation, integration & implementations


OS kernel & internals, sniffers, packet analysis and more

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