We are TandemG, an end-to-end multi-disciplinary Software and Hardware R&D center, delivering tailor-made development services, solutions & state-of-the-art infrastructure

IoT devices, Medical devices, Agriculture, Automotive, Cyber, Industrial and more!
Wireless, WiFi, Bluetooth, BLE, ZigBee, Z wave, LPWAN, 5G, LoRA, NB-IoT, RPMA, Weightless, Sigfox and more!

We develop Full-Stack & Applications

Full-stack, IoT apps, web, desktop, & mobile application development, open source, UI/UX design, enterprise solutions, product envisioning, road-mapping & support

We develop Hardware & Electronics

End-to-end product design, Value Engineering, Independent Hardware Validation, Obsolescence Management, Product Compliance and Certification, Reliability Engineering

We develop Embedded Software

Low-power micro-controllers to Embedded Linux/Android, chips, platforms and application integration

We develop Internals & Drivers

Kernel & internals, device drivers, filter drivers, FS drivers, network drivers, HCK, through Desktop and up to the server/cloud

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